The Honda of Grays Harbor team is proud of our 2023 models, but we’re already anxiously anticipating the 2024 model year. That’s because the first Honda Civic Hybrid will join our lineup, giving a long-running car’s longtime fans something to look forward to. Like the traditional Honda Civic, you’ll have a sedan or hatchback to choose from and a few other nifty features we cannot wait to share.

Hybrid Power

While the American Honda Civic Hybrid specifications are still a matter of speculation, we can look to the European model for an idea of what to expect. That model’s hybrid powertrain produces 181 net horsepower, though if we’re exceptionally lucky, we might see the 204 net horsepower unit shared with the Honda Accord Hybrid.


There shouldn’t be many surprises on the design front since the Honda Civic Hybrid, like the Honda Accord Hybrid, will incorporate the gas-powered model’s features and amenities, albeit with a few desirable extras. You can rest assured that the materials, fit, and finish will meet the brand’s typically high standards.

What Will the Future Hold?

Honda is striving for an all-electric lineup by 2040, and the Hybrid Honda Civic is a vital link in this transition. With a younger and more environmentally conscious crowd being their target audience, this is only the beginning of an ambitious long-term strategy.

Learn More About the Growing Honda Hybrid Lineup

The Honda Civic Hybrid is expected to release in early 2024. For the latest Honda news and a guaranteed great experience while browsing new Honda models, visit us at Honda of Grays Harbor today. We are standing by to address any questions about Honda Hybrids and are just as excited as you are about these new models!