If you’re buying a new car, you know it has warranty coverage. You might wonder if it’s worthwhile to opt into extended warranty coverage, but you don’t have to make that decision rashly. At Honda of Grays Harbor, we can help you learn more about the extended Honda Care® warranty and how it compares to other extended protection options.

Do I Need Extended Coverage?

Whether or not you need extended warranty coverage can depend on a few factors. First, think about how long you plan to keep your car. If you’re the type of driver who likes to upgrade to a new vehicle every few years, then you probably don’t need longer warranty coverage.

Also, think about your budget. Will you be able to put money away and pay for unexpected repairs when they come up? If you’re not sure, that extra coverage could come in handy.

What About Third-Party Providers?

Other car protection plans are also available, but they come from companies that aren’t Honda Motor Company. This has several potential drawbacks.

  • The company may be unfamiliar to you.
  • They may be reselling another company’s product.
  • You may not be able to count on them still being here a year or two from now.
  • They may only cover repairs through certain shops, and your Honda dealership may not be one of them.
  • These shops, in turn, may not use genuine Honda parts, so their reliability can be sketchy at best.
  • Repairs you’d think would be covered might not be.

Given all of that, isn’t it better to get your extended warranty from the company that built your new Honda car?

Visit our Honda dealership near Aberdeen and check out our selection of reliable vehicles today. If you want to learn more about extended warranties and protection plans, we can answer all of your questions. We look forward to helping you out!