When your car needs repairs or routine maintenance, you shouldn’t delay your appointment with a mechanic. However, what do you do if an unexpected repair pops up and you don’t have the money to cover it?

At Honda of Grays Harbor, we can help you finance the Honda parts you need so you can keep your car running smoothly.  

How Financing Works 

The financing process for Honda parts works similarly to the financing process for Honda cars. You make an initial payment, and then you pay off the rest of the costs over time with monthly payments. You also end up paying interest, just as you would on any other type of loan.  

When you apply to finance parts, we look at your credit history and other factors just as we would if you were applying for an auto loan. The better your credit history and score are, the better terms you are likely to receive.  

Pitfalls of Delaying Service 

It helps to get the service you need while paying off the costs over time. We understand that having to pay interest might be cumbersome, but the alternative is much more expensive. If you instead put off service and the purchase of new parts, you could end up with more expensive mechanical problems.

For example, if you put off an oil change, you can end up with engine trouble. If you ignore a bad wheel alignment, you may end up with suspension problems. Financing parts and service allows you to keep your car in top shape without wrecking your budget with big repair jobs later on.  

If you need maintenance or repairs, visit our Honda service center near Aberdeen, WA. Our skilled mechanics can help you fix any automotive issue, and we’ll make sure that properly caring for your car doesn’t wreck your budget. We look forward to assisting you!