Here at Honda of Grays Harbor, we know that some of our customers are getting ready to take a road trip or two this summer. Whether you’re driving a 2018 Honda Civic or a 2018 Honda CR-V, there are a few things that you should do before you head out. One of them is learning about how to properly care for your tires.

While it doesn’t get too hot up here in Washington, the rising temperatures of summer can still affect your tires. The pressure in your tires can actually rise as the temperature does, which can cause a number of issues. Over-inflated tires don’t come into contact with the road like they’re supposed to. This can wear down the tire prematurely, which means that you’ll have to replace them earlier. A tire that’s improperly inflated can also affect your handling and fuel economy. Higher pressure can even make your car more prone to damage.

Speaking of damage, you’ll also want to inspect your tires for damage before taking a long road trip. If you notice punctures or worn tread, a trip to our Honda service center might be in order. We can fix tire problems or find you new ones, so you’re not stuck on the road or possibly put in danger due to tire problems. We also recommend that you don’t overload your car on your summer road trips. The higher temperatures and lengthy journeys are rough enough on your tires. Bringing things you don’t really need can weigh the car down and put even more pressure on your tires.

So if you’re a driver in the Hoquiam, WA area, visit our Honda service center before you hit the road this summer. Our experts can help you make sure that your tires and every other part of your car are in top shape. We look forward to seeing you this season!