April is upon us, and at Honda of Grays Harbor, that means it’s time to celebrate National Car Care Month! And at our Aberdeen, WA Honda dealer, we want to ensure that any vehicle you drive off of our lots are taken care of. What better way to do that than to let you all know about the options we have here? Our service department is proud to give you the support you need to keep your new or used Honda vehicle rolling in top condition as the years go by. So today, we want to tell you why routine maintenance is so vital to making sure you have a long and productive life with your Honda models.

It’s so easy to forget about the little things our cars need to keep them going strong. Oil changes, for instance – nothing really happens if you don’t get it exactly when scheduled right away. And you wouldn’t notice much for months if you just ignore it. However, what that old oil ends up doing to your engine is far nastier. Unchanged oil heats faster and degrades your engine prematurely, as overheating is easier and the impurities of far too many combustions like metal shavings make for increased wear and tear that can compound extensively and drastically lower the lifespan of your vehicle.

Other things need fixing and replacing – brake pads, tires, other important fluids – the list goes on. And at our Honda Service Center near Hoquiam, WA, we’ve got a fleet of certified technicians and mechanics that will asses any problems your vehicle may have, no matter if you’ve got a 2019 Honda Civic or a pre-owned Honda Accord and all points in-between. We’re always running a wide array of deals on both parts and service, so you can come in and get certified service at an incredible price. Come in today – you will not be disappointed!