The winter can be tough on your vehicle, so make sure it’s prepared for it. You can get some new Honda parts and fix any minor issues before they become big problems here at the Honda of Grays Harbor service center. Here are some components you might want to have replaced this season.


Filters can begin to wear out over time. The start of a new season is a great time to see if you need an oil change and a new engine oil filter. We can also check your engine and cabin air filters to see if you’re due for new ones.


Your tires give you the traction you need to travel safely over slick roads and through the snow. If your tire tread is worn down and too shallow to offer that traction, you need new tires. Even if you aren’t due for a new set, a trip to see our Honda mechanics can still be helpful. We can rotate your tires, balance them, and check for leaks or damage.


Your battery helps power the electrical systems in your car and helps your vehicle start. The cold weather can be rough on it, so ensuring it’s in good shape during the winter is a wise idea. If you need a new battery, it’s better to replace it now.

Wiper Blades

Old wiper blades can leave behind streaks and make it harder to see the road in inclement weather. We can replace your old blades with new ones to help you see better and stay safer.

Headlight Bulbs

Winter means shorter days, so ensure your headlights are ready to illuminate the way forward when you’re behind the wheel at night. We can replace any bulbs that have burnt out or fix electrical issues affecting your lights.

So if you need any new parts or repairs, visit our Honda service center in Grays Harbor. Our mechanics are here to help you prepare for the new season.