If you’re buying a new crossover, you probably looking for extra cargo and seating space, safety, and maybe some capabilities sedans don’t offer. If that describes you, then the 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid won’t disappoint. Now available here at Honda of Grays Harbor, the Honda CR-V Hybrid even offers all-wheel drive (AWD) for the 2022 model year.  

Benefits of All-Wheel Drive  

No matter which trim you choose, the 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid comes standard with Real Time AWD™. This is a great addition due to the fact that all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, which are the standard options on most crossovers, are quite different.  

The biggest difference between these two drivetrains is where they send power. In a front-wheel-drive car, power is sent to the front axle and the front two wheels. In an all-wheel-drive model, power goes to both front and rear axles.  

All-wheel drive may be heavier, but it offers a variety of advantages in certain driving situations. Because power is delivered to all four wheels, your crossover is less likely to slip in certain conditions. If you encounter rainy weather and muddy off-road conditions, your all-wheel-drive vehicle is better equipped to handle it. All-wheel drive is also ideal for winter weather and snow.  

Even though all-wheel drive usually costs extra, it’s standard on the 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid. Whether you choose the EX, EX-L, or Touring trim, this crossover will impress with its features list.  

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If you’re looking for an efficient and capable crossover, ask our Honda dealers about the 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid. It offers electric power, all-wheel-drive capabilities, and cutting-edge safety features, so take it for a test drive today!