With Black Friday just around the corner, value seems to be the name of the game around here at Honda of Grays Harbor, more so than it usually is. The only way to make these values better is for you to add a little bit of your own value to the pot. We suggest trading in your vehicle for an upgrade this holiday season so you can drive away in a new Honda you really loveToday, we want to tell you everything you can do to make the most of your trade-in 

Most times, trading in your current vehicle is the best way to finance your next one. However, if you’re upside down on your car loan, you may want to reconsider. Being upside down on a loan means you’re still making payments on the vehicle, but the value of the car has depreciated below the amount you still need to pay off. It can be incredibly frustrating, but in this case, it’s best to get the loan taken care of before selling it.  

However, with most situations, trade-ins are great. They’re a valuable way for you to add to your down payment, which allows you to make smaller payments and pay less over time. We have several online tools designed to help you assess the value of your trade-in before you come into our dealership, so you’re fully-informed before you meet with us. 

Visit our Aberdeen, WA Honda dealership so our expert finance team can help you get the most for your appraisal. We’ll help you drive off in a new Honda vehicle that perfectly suits your budget and needs. We hope to work with you very soon!