You probably have a routine checklist for Honda service that you follow to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Did you know there are some important yet commonly overlooked service essentials you should also check regularly? Honda of Grays Harbor recognizes the importance of doing a thorough check on all of the features of your car so it can stay on the road longer, and we’re happy to do all we can to help!

Wheel Alignment

Outside of the usual oil change and tire rotation, you should also regularly check your wheel alignment. Though a tire rotation can help protect your wheel alignment, it’s crucial to check for any irregularities, as the wheel alignment affects the stability and safety of your vehicle.

Fuel System Maintenance

Just like any other part of your vehicle, your fuel system requires cleaning. When dirt and debris accumulate, they can impact the performance and efficiency of your car, not to mention that it may also compromise your fuel economy.

Power Steering Fluid Checks and Top-Offs

Your power steering system responds to your direction and reduces the force required to move the vehicle. Check and change your power steering fluid regularly to ensure your system runs smoothly, and your ride stays safe.

Honda AC Service

AC makes your ride more comfortable on warm days and helps regulate the interior environment of your vehicle, preventing dampness and mold from invading. We make sure the system receives occasional cleaning, maintenance, and the addition of refrigerant as needed.

Timing Belt Check and Alignment

Lastly, it is essential to check the alignment of your timing belt, so that the crankshaft and camshaft move in synchronicity. If it is unaligned, your engine is susceptible to damage.

Honda of Grays Harbor is here for all of your routine maintenance needs. Our staff of certified automotive experts specializes in Honda vehicles, so you can have peace of mind that your Honda is in good hands. Whether it’s a routine inspection or you are looking for replacement Honda parts, you can make sure your car is safe and road ready by scheduling a service appointment online today!