Winter weather can make driving around our dealership near Hoquiam, WA a challenging prospect. Taking the proper precautions can keep you and yours safe and sound.

It’s important to understand all the ways that ice and snow change the basics of driving. Take hills for example. Accelerating from a stop while on an incline always requires some extra “oomph.” But when the roads are slick, it’s best to avoid stopping or starting on an incline. That extra oomph could cause your wheels to spin in place and lose traction. Instead, take care to build momentum on a flat roadway before tackling an ascent.

If you do happen to skid on a slick road, panic can lead you to slam down on the brakes. But this will likely make the situation worse. Instead, slowly ease off the accelerator until you feel the wheels grip again. Once they do, slowly apply pressure to the accelerator to get back up to speed.

Moving slowly and deliberately is a good practice all around for driving on snow and ice, not just when you’re skidding. Hitting the gas or the brake pedal too forcefully can quickly get you into trouble. Instead, leave plenty of following distance between you and the car ahead, and start braking well in advance of slowing traffic and red lights.

The best thing you can do is make sure your car is in good working order now, before you have to contend with Old Man Winter. If you’re looking for “Honda service near me,” we’ve got you covered here at Honda of Grays Harbor. And if you’re in the market for a new car, now is a great time to head in. During the Happy Honda Days sales event this month, take advantage of great deals. For more info on staying safe on the roads this winter, check out these winter driving tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.