Winter is well underway, which means it’s time to turn our attention to things that really matter – the health of our Honda vehicles. At Honda of Grays Harbor near Montesano, WA, we want to remind you all that with the onslaught of cold weather, it might be time to consider getting an oil change. 

If you just recently bought a 2020 Honda CR-Vyou may want to consider getting an oil change sooner rather than laterYour vehicle may be new, but you shouldn’t get in the habit of letting too much time pass between getting oil changes. Changing your oil at our Honda service center near Elma, WA is vital for keeping your car in peak condition for years to come.  

When your Honda CR-V’s oil gets old, the engine needs to work harder than normal to deliver the performance you’re accustomed to. The job of the engine oil is to keep things as friction-free as possible. After all, friction causes heat, and too much heat could inflict damage on your engine’s components. Oil changes are simple procedures that protect one of the most vital components of your vehicle.  

Also, oil changes at our Honda dealership near Montesano, WA are performed by our certified Honda technicians, who also take a look at other components of your vehicle that need regular service as well, including your brakes, filters, fluid levels, and more. We also take this moment to look for other problems, and if we see them, we can fix them. Of course, we only use original equipment manufacturer parts to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your vehicle 

Come in today to make sure your vehicle has the maintenance it needs to make it through the winter unscathed.