At our Aberdeen, WA Honda dealer, we don’t get much respite from the winter months like those in the south do. We need to prepare our vehicles for the worst, and when the winter finally cracks and nicer weather comes our way, we owe it to our vehicles to give them the attention we couldn’t when the roads were frozen. So today, Honda of Grays Harbor wants to give you a quick to-do list to thank your vehicle for making it another winter.

Let’s face it – your vehicle has been working overtime for three months. It’s dirty and crusty, like anyone would be after working such a long time. Give it a shower! A proper car wash once the weather finally warms up is vital for removing road salts and other rust-causing agents that your car couldn’t get rid of previously without adding a bunch of icicles to it. Getting an undercoating treatment to further prevent rusting is also a very good idea.

As anyone knows, with winter thawing comes potholes. And worse, when things thaw and refreeze, we get even worse potholes, and they take time to fill. So make sure your tires get checked out and rotated to ensure tire health. Some might need to be replaced, and it’s better you find out now than having a blowout on the highway.

You also need to check in with your car’s fluids, like you would with any normal oil change. But get special attention paid to the battery health and the A/C unit. Cold weather can be rough on your battery, and no one wants to find out their A/C is busted when they need it the most.

Wouldn’t you know it? Honda of Grays Harbor can help you with all of that! Our certified technicians provide you with friendly service and the best deals on OEM Honda parts to make sure your vehicle the readiest for the spring. Schedule your Honda service appointment with us today!