Pop quiz: you want a versatile vehicle that’s equally at home whether you’re navigating traffic on I-5 or escaping Olympia for the ski slopes. You don’t want a sedan, but you’re not sold on an SUV, either. Where does that leave you? Well, if you visit Honda of Grays Harbor, you could start with the 2019 Honda Fit.

What we love about the 2019 Honda Fit is that it combines the things people love about new Honda cars like the Honda Civic — smaller size, less bulk — with the kind of space you’d expect from an SUV. That space comes from a bit of ingenious design (namely, shifting the fuel tank forward, under the front seats). That allows for Honda Magic Seats®, which fold flat and give you cargo volume that’s the same as you’d get in some SUVs.

This year’s model looks a lot like the one it replaces, which tends to happen when a vehicle got a major redesign just last year. There’s one major change, and it’s a good reason to look at the EX and EX-L trim levels: you get the Honda Sensing™ active safety suite, which isn’t available on the LX or Sport trims, and this year it comes with automatic high beams.

Much of the rest of what’s there — tech features, powertrain, and looks — will be familiar to anyone who’s seen the 2018 model. That said, we’d still suggest buying the more recent model, since it will hold its resale value better.

To see if this is the right “Fit” for you, visit Honda of Grays Harbor and take a test drive. We’re conveniently located at 1720 Simpson Ave., in Aberdeen, WA.