There are multiple parts in your engine that work in synchronicity at different intervals of time to make sure they don’t impact each other. While your timing belt may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about routine Honda maintenance, your car can’t run without it. Visit Honda of Grays Harbor for Honda service that keeps your vehicle in excellent health!

Timing Belt Basics

The timing belt is the piece that wraps around your camshaft to open and close your valves at the exact time to synchronize the functionality of your engine. Without it, the timing wouldn’t be correct, and the moving parts could collide.

The belt ensures that your engine works properly and improves your fuel efficiency. This is a big responsibility as one of the engine components, so making sure this part is in good working order is crucial.

When to Replace the Timing Belt

The inconvenience and cost of replacing a broken timing belt far outweigh the cost and time required to maintain one. Replacing your belt at the 105,000-mile mark or roughly seven years is recommended.

However, remember that this window may end about a year sooner if you drive in extreme climates or rough conditions. If your engine misfires, your Honda is emitting smoke, or your oil pressure is dropping more than usual, these all could be signs of a deteriorating timing belt.

Schedule Honda Maintenance Today

If you are approaching the seven-year mark or something is amiss with your Honda, schedule a visit with Honda of Grays Harbor to check up on your timing belt. Our Honda dealership in Aberdeen, WA, has you and your Honda car’s best interest at heart!