If you’re running around for the holidays in your Honda Fit, then you might want to consider making sure it’s as healthy as possible. Winter weather can be treacherous near Hoquiam, WA, so making sure that your brakes are in top condition is very important. Today, we want to tell you how to know when to service your vehicle’s brakes so you can avoid any disasters this holiday season. 

Diagnosing the condition of your brakes is a very simple affair. Many vehicles have indicators and sensors that let drivers know when their brakes need to be repairedYou can also listen for a loud squeal from your brakes, which is caused by a small metal shim embedded in the brake pads. This sound indicates that your brakes need to be repaired. You can also eyeball your brakes to decide whether or not they need to be serviced. By getting under the vehicle, you can observe the amount of brake pad left. If you have a quarter-inch of pad material left, which is about the width of a pencilthen you should be alright.  

However, if your brakes need to be fixed, then come in to our Aberdeen, WA Honda service center. Our technicians have been trained to provide you with the service your Honda deserves, using parts specifically designed for your vehicle. Third-party garages use aftermarket parts that might have problems with fit or quality, but our service center is stocked with original equipment manufacturer parts that will help you feel confident on the road. 

Make sure to check out our service and parts specials, then make your appointment with our Honda service technicians.