Enjoy fuel-sipping efficiency and incredible style when you drive home in the new 2021 Honda Insight. This sleek sedan is just one of the many exciting new Honda cars for sale here at Honda of Grays Harbor. Visit our dealership today to discover our industry-leading commuter vehicles that offer plenty of technology and fun on the road.  

What is a Hybrid?  

One important thing to know when searching for a fuel-efficient car is the different options available. Some drivers confuse electric vehicles for hybrid cars, or vice versa.

While an electric vehicle (EV) draws its power purely from an electric, battery-powered motor, a hybrid uses a combination of conventional gas power and electric assistance.  By comparison, gas-powered cars only derive their power from an engine that uses gasoline.

By combining electronic power and gas power, a hybrid car delivers a familiar and responsive driving experience while offering very high fuel efficiency.  

Is the Honda Insight a Hybrid?  

When searching for fuel-efficient vehicles, you would be seriously missing out by not looking at the 2021 Honda Insight. This sleek hybrid sedan offers the power of a conventional gas engine and the electric assistance of a battery-powered motor. When combined, these elements deliver an unforgettable driving sensation while helping you make fewer trips to the gas pump.   

The chic exterior of the 2021 Honda Insight is also designed for superior aerodynamics, which improves performance and efficiency as well. While some hybrids require that you plug in your car to charge the battery, the Honda Insight simply uses the force generated from driving to charge the battery as you go. That way, you can keep moving forward with confidence as you save fuel.   

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