No one likes having to deal with a flat tire. They’re a nuisance that can derail our entire day, and at Honda of Grays Harbor, we want to make sure you are prepared to do what you can when the unfortunate happens. So today, let us walk you through the steps to repair your flat tire.

One of the biggest scares of a flat occurs when you’re still driving. The sudden decompression is not only jarring, but it can cause loss of control, so it’s important to make sure you hang on and reduce your speed to keep yourself square. Once under control, try to find a safe spot to perform the replacement. Most vehicles have a spare tire kit consisting of a spare tire and wheel, a tire iron, and a hand-operated scissor jack. First, use your tire iron to loosen and remove the lugs from your blown tire. They should turn off by hand once the lugs have been loosened. From there, put your jack in place and crank the frame up so the wheel lifts off the ground. Remove the tire and put the new one in place. If needed, jack the frame up more so the wheel studs match with the lug patterns on the spare. Once the spare can be placed, hand-tighten the lug nuts to attach it to your vehicle. From there you can let the jack down and use the tire iron to finish bolting the lug nuts into place.

Once that’s finished, you should come into our Aberdeen, WA Honda service center to make sure that whatever blew your tire also didn’t affect the rest of your vehicle. Our experienced technicians will make sure your new or used Honda vehicle is in peak condition, and will supply you with any OEM parts you may need to keep your Honda in working condition.