There are a few things that you should do before your Honda lease ends, and all of us here at Honda of Grays Harbor are prepared to help out. Whether you want to take advantage of our Honda service coupons or check out our latest Honda financing offers, we make it easy to get ready for the end of your lease and your next move.

Look For Signs of Damage

Excess wear and tear can cost you when you turn in a leased car, so ensure your vehicle is in good shape as its lease winds down. Paying a bit for repairs and maintenance could cost far less now than paying fees later.

Check Your Mileage

Check your odometer and make sure that you’ve come in below your mileage allotment. If you exceed it, be prepared to pay a fee for going over.

Clean Up the Car

Make sure that your car looks nice before you turn it in. A dirty, dusty car needs to be cleaned before your dealer can try to sell it, so there may be an extra fee involved if you do not make your leased vehicle look presentable yourself. Also, check the car thoroughly to make sure you’re not leaving any personal belongings behind.

Find the Extra Set of Keys

Your leased vehicle probably came with two sets of keys. Make sure you’re turning in both of them, or you might incur extra fees.

Think About What You Want to Do Next

Think about what kind of car you want next and your best lease-end option. Should you buy your leased vehicle or look for something new? Look up the value of your current car, research new models, and think carefully about the next step. You can even ask our Honda dealers about current incentives and offers if you want to do your research.

Whether you’re trading in your car for a new Honda vehicle or ready to buy your leased vehicle, we’re here to help. Visit our Honda dealership in Washington and explore your lease-end options today!