There are many reasons to consider a Honda lease when it’s time for your next vehicle, but you always want to compare your financing options. Honda of Grays Harbor is here to help. We match you with the perfect Honda vehicle and financing terms, so you can take home a car you love at a price you love today.

Three Reasons Not to Lease

You have two main auto financing options to pick from, buying and leasing. It’s helpful to understand when to purchase and when to lease, so you can save money and access exciting Honda rides. Here are three times you’ll want to skip the lease and buy your car instead.

You Don’t Have High Credit

You typically need very high credit to lease a vehicle, but a loan can be easier to obtain with a lower credit score. Auto loans are also useful for those currently building a credit score, since a history of timely payments helps to establish or rebuild credit.

You Drive a Lot of Miles

Leases have annual mileage limits, typically 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 miles per year of lease. If you know you will be going great distances in your vehicle, a lease might not be the best idea. While you can always negotiate for a higher mileage allowance, going over can be costly, so purchasing your vehicle might be the better option.

You Like to Customize Your Car

Are you all about upgrading your ride? It’s best to own your Honda vehicle before you start picking out accessories. Certain upgrades can lead to penalties on leased vehicles, so if you like adding that personal touch, purchasing is the way to go.

You’ll find lease and purchasing support right here at Honda of Grays Harbor. However you finance your next vehicle, we have the tools, resources, and information that make the process smooth and easy, so you can focus on picking out your next great ride.