Driving around without a working HVAC system isn’t any driver’s idea of a good time. Our Honda service center has experience identifying and fixing common heating and cooling problems. If you suspect any of the following issues, schedule an appointment at Honda of Grays Harbor!        

Coolant Problems

If your HVAC system isn’t blowing cool air, a coolant problem is the most likely culprit. You could just have low coolant levels, which means that we need to check your fluid levels and do a quick refill. However, you might actually have a coolant leak. It’s important that we check for both issues, because refilling the coolant in a car without fixing the leak won’t really solve this problem for long!

Failed or Failing Thermostat

If heating and cooling functions both won’t work, the thermostat is probably an issue. A thermostat that has failed or is on its way to failing, your car won’t regulate the temperature properly. This isn’t just uncomfortable for you. It can also cause issues for the engine, which has optimal operating temperatures that it should stay within.

Heater Core Issues

The heater core helps the car’s HVAC system working properly. When you want to blow some warm air into the cabin to heat it up on a cold winter day, this crucial component helps generate heat. That warms the air as it passes through, keeping the cabin nice and toasty even when the weather outside gets snowy and cold. A malfunctioning heater core won’t heat the air and needs to be repaired.

If you’ve noticed heating or cooling problems in your car, don’t delay. Make a service appointment at our Honda dealership serving Olympia, WA and get those issues taken care of immediately. We have the replacement Honda parts you need and skilled mechanics that you can rely on!